SoftWash Certified Technicians

House Soft Washing is the best option for cleaning the exterior of your home. At Performance Powerwashing, we use only eco-friendly products and techniques that won’t damage or fade any of the surfaces on your home. What’s visible when we finish soft washing is simply a spotless finish.  

Safely Clean the Exterior of Your Home

A clean home boosts curb appeal and bolsters pride in home ownership. Moreover, cleaning the outside areas of your home extends the life of the surfaces by  preventing buildup, staining, pitting, and other marring. You can trust Performance Powerwashing’s SoftWash service to remove what shouldn’t be there, including: 

  • dirt
  • pollen
  • mold, mildew & algae 
  • water stains
  • gutter overflow stains
  • potted plant rings
  • food and beverage spills
  • grilling residue
House Soft Washing

Most importantly, you can trust us to clean your exterior surfaces with zero surface damage.  We use professional-grade tools designed to strategically direct water pressure and control water flow.  Combined with proven cleaning agents, our SoftWash service effectively removes debris and buildup without strong pressure.  You can trust our expertly trained technicians with your most delicate exterior surfaces.  

Our SoftWash technique is safe and effective for cleaning:

  • wood, brick, stucco, rock and stone siding
  • soft stone surfaces, including marble, travertine, and limestone
  • pergolas and privacy screens
  • painted surfaces
  • all types of trim
  • exterior shutters
  • rock and stone detailing
  • statues and monuments
  • exterior lighting fixtures
  • exterior hardware
  • fountains

Get it Done Right by a Proven Professional

A locally-owned, full-service pressure washing service, you can trust us for a safe and effective cleaning of your home’s exterior. To get a top-to-bottom clean, in addition to soft pressure washing, we provide window, roof, gutter and concrete cleaning services.  We offer free estimates so you know exactly what our services cost before we get started! Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly team members today.