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SOFT-WASH HOUSE WASHING –  We apply a low-pressure cleaning method designed to remove all organic contaminants from your home without damaging the surface. Over time, siding and stucco can become dirty from algae, dirt, grime, and dust. Our specially designed solution safely cleans all types of siding and gutters without any danger to the family, pets, and landscaping.

GUTTER CLEANING & BRIGHTENING – We use state of the art vacuums to clean out your gutters with GoPro footage to see how sparkly clean they are! Topped off with an exterior brightening to remove any black streaks and oxidation that is caused by the suns rays.

SOFT-WASH ROOF CLEANING – Performace Power Washing uses a low pressure (50PSI) system to apply a specifically designed detergent to your roof. This eliminates and removes all the organic staining while lowering your electric bill and maximizing the heating/cooling of your home! 5 Year Guaranteed Warranty Included! 

FLATWORK SURFACE CLEANING – With the use of detergents we can clean your concrete with 1200 PSI BETTER than the “other guys” blasting away with over 4,000PSI which isn’t necessary! This applies to any driveways, patios, pool decks and pavers.

FENCE & DECK RESTORATION – Low-Pressure Cleaning methods to renew the look of your wood or remove existing stain, and the ability to add new stain or sealer and maximize the beauty of your property.

PAVER, STONE, AND CONCRETE SEALING – Let us enhance your patio or defend your concrete from the harmful effects of oxidation and staining. With our penetrating sealer, we create an invisible barrier that is a ‘shield’ to contaminants. Simply clean by sweeping or spraying with a garden hose.

SPECIALTY STAIN REMOVAL – Whether it be rust, oil, grease or efflorescence, we can take care of it with a 100% positive outcome of it ever being there!

EXTERIOR WINDOW CLEANING – We use similar techniques to house washing to safely clean windows in hard to reach heights.


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