Pressure Washing Your Business Area Will Increase Foot Traffic

A clean building, parking lot and walkway will encourage foot traffic to your business. First impressions are important. This is curb appeal. Clients want to see a neat, storefront area with a walkway free of clutter when they enter your building. A good pressure wash will keep the business area clean and attract customers.

Pressure Washing Your Business Area Will Increase Foot Traffic

Your business may be a strip mall, office park, or a stand-alone building. A restaurant, grocery store, health club, clinic, dental office, legal office, hair salon, and other services need to look clean to attract clients and customers. Shabby, dusty, rain-streaked buildings and walkways can give the impression that businesses inside don’t really care about appearances. This implies that the businesses may not care about their services or products.

Start with the Sidewalk

Dirt, grime, leaves, moss, and other debris on the sidewalk are unsightly, even though your business is not responsible for the mess. The pathways to your door should also be safe to avoid slip and fall accidents. This means keeping walkways dry whenever possible, free of mud, spilled liquids, and other hazards. 

The entire area, including the parking lot, should be safe for pedestrians. A strong pressure washing will clear away debris and dirt from asphalt and concrete surfaces after a storm.

Pressure Wash the Building

Your business may be a rented space in a strip mall or business park. Or, you may own the building and rent space to other businesses. Keep the exterior clean to continue attracting customers to the businesses.

Wood, stucco, and other surfaces require different pressure settings to wash away grime. A good washing several times a year, especially after a storm, will clear out any dirt that sticks to the surface. Removing grime from the exterior walls will help preserve the paint and increase the building’s value.

Contact us at Performance Powerwashing in the north Houston area. We use the latest equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to clean different surfaces. We also pressure wash roofs on commercial buildings as well as on homes. We help you keep your building clean and safe.

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