How Does Wood Restoration Work?

If your fence doesn’t look like it used to, you may benefit from wood restoration. With wood restoration, there is no need to tear down your fence and rebuild, saving you time and money. Increase your curb appeal and maintain your property by having your fence restored. 

How Does Wood Restoration Work?

What is Wood Restoration?

Wood restoration is a power-washing technique that uses low pressure (300-400 PSI) to gently clean your wood fence without the risk of tearing up the wood, restoring the surface to look new. Wood restoration uses detergents that are specifically designed to clean wood, killing mold, mildew, and algae that may be growing on the surface. 

Who Benefits from Wood Restoration?

Many homeowners can benefit from wood restoration treatment for their fences. If you’re looking to sell your home, wood restoration can be an affordable way to add value to your home, especially compared to replacing your fence entirely. 

Fence wood restoration can also help homeowners who struggle with algae growth, eliminating it and protecting the wood beneath. This can be an especially good option if you have HOA laws on exterior home maintenance. If you want to refresh the exterior of your home, wood restoration for your fence can give it a clean look and complement the rest of your home without being costly.

Trust an Expert

If your fence is in need of wood restoration, you need an expert you can trust. Performance Powerwashing is a locally owned and operated company based out of Magnolia, TX. We service all clients in the surrounding areas as well as the Greater Houston areas. Performance Power Washing of Houston, TX, provides your home or business with the absolute best and eco-friendly cleaning you can achieve, using state-of-the-art equipment. If you’re ready to make your fence look new again, contact us today for a free quote and see what our experts can do for you. 

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